How to Enjoy a Bike Tour in Half Moon Cay

The Bahamas has been an exciting tourist destination for many years thanks to the warm, tropical weather, incredible beaches, and the beautiful, friendly atmosphere that envelops you when visiting this paradise. Amid all of the splendor is Half Moon Cay, one of the most beautiful islands in all of the Bahamas and a very popular destination for those who choose Carnival cruise adventures.

One of the best ways to enjoy your trip is by participating in a Half Moon Cay island bike tour which offers many features that will allow you to enjoy your time in paradise while seeing most of the sites and getting in some good exercise as well.

Half Moon Cay Island Bicycle Tour:

Half Moon Cay Island Bahamas Bike Tour by CarnivalThe Half Moon Cay bicycle tour by Carnival offers a number of excellent features that make it one to enjoy. This is particular true given the low price and many different places that you’ll visit along the way which includes the following;

  • Welcome Center, Bahamian Church, Food Pavilion, and Half Moon Beach

You’ll start your adventure at one of the most beautiful places on the island and it will only get better as you continue down the gorgeous beach where the Carnival stable of horses swim and play in the surf. Along the way, you’ll discover places of historical significance and learn about the rich history of island from its earliest inhabitants to today.

  • Bone Fish Lagoon

At this 700 acre location, you’ll see the breathtaking site of this ocean-fed lagoon. While there, you can rest while visiting the remarkable Stingray Adventure. Here, you will also see how electricity is generated for the island as well as the desalinization plant.

This three mile adventure will also inform you about the various flora and fauna and how they were used for medicinal purposes by the local population. All in all, this affordable bike tour in Half Moon Cay represents a wonderful way to see the island and its many attractions while remaining relatively short and well suited for all adults who are comfortable riding bikes. This is important to purchase bike coverage back home or renew if lapsed before taking part in such adventure. An accident can cause huge financial loss to you. Today this is quite easy to find an affordable coverage for bikes by requesting free quotes from several sources online.

As part of the Half Moon Cay bike rental, the water and soft drinks will be included. It is recommended that you wear sunscreen and a hat over or under your helmet. Plus, you can carry what you purchase in the basket on the bicycle.

The Bike Tour Experience:

As part of the Half Moon Cay shore excursions, this is certainly one of the more interesting as you get to enjoy riding a bike along roads with no cars and sometimes you must peddle in the sand. It pays to be in good shape for the bike ride, although there are no hills to climb or difficult trails to follow.

The bikes themselves are not the newest, but they are in very good shape and are comfortable for most people to ride. As part of a Carnival shore excursion, they make for having a wonderful time thanks to the combination of getting out and about while learning about the island’s rich history and seeing some of the most stunning sights in the Bahamas.

What You Should Not Miss in Half Moon Cay

When it comes to traveling in the Bahamas, there are many different, wonderful places that you can visit. This is especially true of those who may be sailing through the island chain and have the time to visit each little island of paradise in the Caribbean. One of the most interesting is Half Moon Cay which may be the single most beautiful island in all of the Bahamas. You can do a variety of things in this aesthetically beautiful island, but I will mainly discuss two more adventurous things that you can’t miss here. Are you ready to learn?

What is Half Moon Cay?

A private island that is owned by Holland America, Half Moon Cay is an exclusive island that is reserved for special guests as well as those who have booked passage on Carnival Cruise Lines. Located about 100 miles south of Nassau, this marvelous island is only about 2,500 acres, but only about 45 have been developed to keep the island as natural as possible.

The year round warm temperatures combined with the nine miles of incredible beaches offer visitors a wonderful reason to visit the island, but there is so much more that is offered.

Half Moon Cay Snorkeling:

The ocean adventures that are offered thanks to the Half Moon Cay snorkeling trips are just one of many different activities that visitors can do out on the waves. Of course, the marine life that is around the island makes snorkeling Half Moon Cay an absolute must if you are visiting this location. The clear ocean waters combined with the wide variety of ocean life from the coral, the many different varieties of fishes and other exotic creatures make this an unforgettable adventure.

In addition to snorkeling, you can enjoy swimming and surfing in the gentle ocean currents as well. In fact, you can rent a sunfish sailboat or catamaran and take your own tour around the island. There are also jet ski and deep sea fishing opportunities as well for the guests. Plus, if snorkeling isn’t a deep enough adventure, you can always scuba dive to see what lies deep underneath the ocean surrounding the island.

Of course, not all the attractions of Half Moon Cay are found out in the ocean as there is plenty do to on land as well.

Half Moon Cay Horseback Riding:

Of the many activities that you can do on land, horseback riding on Half Moon Cay is arguably the most unforgettable. From riding along the unspoiled beauty of the island to heading out into the waves while on horseback provides a genuine thrill for everyone involved.

In addition to Half Moon Cay horseback riding, there are many other activities on land you can pursue as well from walking on the beautiful beaches, taking a tour through the remarkable, untouched terrain of the island along the fitness trail, enjoying the volleyball and basketball courts, or even getting a massage on the beach as well.

Once you get hungry, there is a marvelous buffet pavilion that serves a fantastic BBQ lunch all for free as provided by the onboard crew itself which includes ice cream. There is even a new bar on the island that serves refreshing drinks for your pleasure.

There are so many things to do on this remarkable little island that Half Moon Cay is a destination that is not to be missed.

Shore Excursions

The shore excursion is an added feature which includes a lot of activities on a cruise. Usually the cruise company offers it to make some money except the cruise package. But from a cruiser’s point of view this opens up a new opportunity to know more about the island. In the Half Moon Cay Bahamas, there are numerous shore excursions packages and you definitely should purchase a couple of them or at least one to enjoy the  complete adventure. Note that, this is an additional package which is not included in the cruise package. The package will cover any additional cost (such as entrance fees) during the excursions.

Depending on your choice you can buy it or not and there is no obligation at it. If you plan to have a beach day, walk on soft sands, sunning and spending some lazy time out there, then this is not important at all which costs nothing extra. But the matter is, you are not visiting half moon cay every day and thus to enjoy the most of it and make the tour adventuring this is recommended to buy the ticket of excursion if there is no financial problem. You will have to buy the ticket of excursions separately from online or you can get the ticket while in the onboard. Then on the day of embarkation they will send you the ticket right at your stateroom. The suggestion is to buy it at the time you purchase the cruise ticket as the tickets of excursions might sold out when you are onboard.

What can you get from shore excursions?

There are quite a few excursions available for adults and child in half moon cay. All of them are not suitable for the children and thus you must know whether it is posing any risks for them. The ticket could differently priced for adult and child. There are both combined tours and single activity. A particular activity will exist for a certain period of time. Few of them need you to be experienced on that. There could be age restrictions on some of the activities and you must abide the law. Don’t fall on accidents by casualty. You also should wear the necessary shoes, dresses and other things in prior of attending a particular activity. The shore excursions offered by Carnival Cruise Line are:

  • Beach Villa
  • Glass Bottom Boat
  • Half Moon Cay Snorkel by Boat
  • Horseback Riding by Land & Sea
  • Stingray Adventure
  • Cabana Rental
  • Combo, Eco Bike & Hike Tour
  • Eco Lagoon Tour
  • Historic Nature Walk
  • Island Bike Tour
  • Private Oasis
  • Tropical Kayak Adventure

Description and Price Details:

The beach villa is something where maximum 8 guests can stay in a two storey building with air conditions, hot tub, fan, refrigerator, dining table and so on. You can take more persons by paying a surcharge of $50 for per person. You can hire it for the day long for $500.

The horseback riding is definitely going to be a lifetime experience. This is a unique one and should not be missed out by tourists. You will ride on the back of horses and it will take you to the bank of the ocean and swim. To enjoy this you have to cost $100 per person. The duration is about one and half hours.

If you want adventure, then go for snorkeling by boat. The water in half moon cay is clean and you can see what’s happening inside the sea. The colored fish, coral and anemones in the deep sea will make your journey memorable. Beside this if lucky, you might encounter with a stingray. The two hour tour will cost you around $65.

If you are not interested about beach villa, then the small thatched cabana could be an alternative for you which costs around $230 for every 4 person. It consists the same facilities as beach villa and you will be welcomed with snacks and soft drinks. The number of cabanas is limited and if you want it in a suitable location then reserve it first.

The stingray adventure could be a learning curve for your children and it does not cost you a lot. You will be taken to the stingray cove and there you can observe everything about this such as their feeding, breeding, habitat and so on. It will cost you $30 per person.

The other excursions are also worth to try or rent as well. You should get the full details about them through the cruise company you bought the package from. The shore excursions in half moon cay offers a lot and if you can afford then go for it.