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Welcome to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

Explore the fabulous Half Moon Cay island and know about every corner of it through us. This island is regarded as the best one among hundreds of other island in Bahamas. It offers the most number of activities an island can have. A full day is given to cruisers to enjoy the engrossing amenities it has. If you are looking for an adventuring and recreational destination when travel to Bahamas, then there is no alternative of it. Main features: Activity Food Weather Schedule of Cruises Purchase a Ticket

Tourist Enjoying Sunning at Beach

Half Moon Cay

Half Moon Cay locates in the Bahamas which is one of the most popular destinations among the cruisers of North America. The island is also known as Little San Salvador […]

Inside View of Island

Picture Gallery

The surrounding natural beauty of Half Moon Cay will definitely make everyone engrossed. Have a look at our picture gallery which includes captured images from different corner.  

Cruise Schedule

Cruise Schedule

Carnival Cruise Lines operates two ships Carnival Ecstasy and Carnival Fascination which use Half Moon Cay as a Port of Call. Holland America Lines who is the owner of this […]

Half Moon Cay : Blog

Half Moon Cay : Blog

This page is created purposely to discuss about different other topics other than the inside beauty of Half Moon Cay. To have an ever refreshing and most memorable cruise experience, […]


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  • Purchase A Cruise Ticket

    Purchase A Cruise Ticket

    By this time, you have probably decided to have a go at Half Moon Cay. If you are just trying to get more information about this island, then we recommend […]


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The cruise ticket is always lower than brochure if you buy from travel agent. The agents always have some promotions going on for tourists. Especially during peak season, there should be multiple packages which can really save a lot of money for tourists.