This page is created purposely to discuss about different other topics other than the inside beauty of Half Moon Cay. To have an ever refreshing and most memorable cruise experience, you should prepare yourself from the first day of a cruise vacation. For a first time cruiser, this is extremely important to acquire knowledge about everything that they are going to face. This is certainly going to help them to avoid any awkward position in the ship. Once a ship starts its journey, there is hardly any way to get back to where you started from unless any major technical problem is found. There are least possibilities for cancellation of trip except any major weather interruption.

Dress Code:

Some cruise lines are very strict about dress code and you are not allowed to enter a specific room in a particular day without following proper dress code. Thus this is extremely important to know about it and if needed collect those dresses before you step on the ship…..Read More

Internet and Phone Call:

To communicate with family members who are staying at home, there are two options on the ship – calling them via cell phone or sending emails through internet. But either service is very costly and limited, but as a cruiser you have no other options while sailing……. Read More