The dress code is certainly a concern for first time cruisers. Probably you had never been in such situations where a particular dress assigned for you to wear. In this article you will know about what sort of dress code you can wear and which one you should not for Carnival Cruise Line which sails to the Half Moon Cay Island. The dress code is different for day, usual night and formal nights.

Actually, the strictness on dress code slacks much in the last few years. Even in a decade ago, cruisers used to wear a tuxedo dress to look like a gentleman and women used to dress up in a way so they look like going to attend in a ball event. Formal dresses for men and women were very common during those days. But now most cruise lines either allow cruisers with a decent casual dress up or arrange an alternative place to take dinner during the formal nights. All the ships usually arrange those nights and for a longer duration such as in 7 days trip there is a couple of formal nights. The best food is usually served on formal night and a different experience is achieved with people all having formal attire. But everybody is not so comfortable to attend in such nights. In carnival cruise lines, there is a restaurant named ‘Lido Restaurant’ which is an alternative for cruisers who are not willing to attend the event night. This restaurant will be kept open till late night making sure a cruiser can take dinner from there. As another option, one can ask for room service.

You can wear casual dresses in normal days. For men shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts are recommended. Ladies can wear sundresses or shorts. Heeled footwear is never suggested to avoid slipping out. Instead, women can wear flat shoes onboard. Such night starts from evening around 6-7 pm. The formal dress up is expected otherwise you might be restricted to stay in some areas. Men can choose shirts, tuxedo, suits, sport coat. Most importantly, a gentleman look is all you need to show. For women, cocktail dresses, elegant blouses and skirts, gown over dress would do it.

Jeans, Gym shorts, beach suits, cutoff jeans and sleeveless shirts for men. Ladies should avoid any short dresses which looks odd in a formal event. Whether a person is going to wear a particular dress or not, it entirely depends on people. If it is recommended, try to support it. If it is not, still be gentle and wear the right dress which does not look odd and acceptable at any circumstances.