On ships you might need to use the internet or cell phone to communicate with friends and family back home. These are the only ways to keep in touch with them. Wherever you go, there is always a concern for family members back at home. It could be for your parents or young children or other relatives. You are definitely going to miss them even when you are enjoying the best happiness on ships.

These services will differ from ships to ships. But every ship provides some sort of ways to communicate. Both cell phone and internet network use satellite which is limited and pricey. It is regardless to say, you are not going to have a chit-chat or long telephone conversation with anyone from ships. Thus a couple of minutes on the phone or sending an email using the internet would do it for you. The best way to know more about it is to check out the FAQ or forum section of the respective cruise ship for exact information about price and service. You will get generic information here about cruise internet and phone call service while on the voyage.

Internet Access:

Most ships offer Wi-Fi service onboard. You have to contact authority to get password and username to use this service. For carnival cruise lines, onboard Wi-Fi will cost around 75 to 80 cents for per minute usage. You can buy blocks of minutes like a 100 or 250 minute package which is just a bit cheaper. If you don’t bring your laptop or net book, go to an Internet Cafe on the ship, where you can use the internet to send emails. But it does not allow user to attach any file. To attach a photo and share with friends, you have to use a personal computer. Remember, the internet speed will be very slow in comparing to home. The internet service is expensive as well. Another option is to use free Wi-Fi from ports.

Phone Call:

To make a phone call, you can either use own cell phone or the telephone in the staterooms. While on the ship, the phone call charges according to the international roaming service of home carrier. Thus before you arrive on the ship, make sure your mobile network supports roaming and give access to it. To use the ship telephone service, you may need to buy a package. The carnival cruise line charges around $1.99 per minute. International calling card might be needed to call from an island. The charge will depend based on the country you are calling from.