Food is an essential part of cruises and at Half Moon Cay tourists will get bars and a restaurant which can serve a couple of thousands of tourists at a time easily. The cruise package basically includes meals and drinks. The package should include the cost of the meals (3 times a day). But when you are at the beach, it kills a lot of time to go back to the ship every time for a drink.

Don’t worry; in Half Moon Cay, there are few bars which can fulfill the demand of tourists. You will see some stewards are carrying drinks for tourists. Upon order, you can get them instantly. The cruise ship arrives at morning within 9 to 10 am and leaves the island at evening around 5 pm. In between this time, you do need one major meal which is lunch. The complimentary lunch usually serves from the respective cruise ship.

But it is always better to ask what the travel agents about the menus for lunch. Also, carefully read the brochure for more information. The ship crews cook lunch for you in Tropics Restaurant and serve in buffet style. The restaurant is located in a big area, and you will find a variety of foods from burgers and barbecue to salad as desserts. You might not find a delicious egg pudding at this restaurant.

Bars in Half Moon Cay Bahamas:

The bars offer some branded drinks for the tourists. You need to pay them in cash or credit card might work in some bars. You will find alcoholic beverage and soda there. The name of the bars in Half Moon Cay is:

  • I wish I could be here forever
  • Rum Runners Bar
  • Bell Bar

Restaurants in Half Moon Cay:

Tropics Restaurant: This restaurant locates in a large building and your lunch will cook here. The foods you usually get in this food pavilion area are:

Prepared Salads: Potato Salad, Three Bean Salad, Cole Slaw

Hot Food: Grill Snapper, Baked Bean, Corn on the Cob, Pork Ribs, BBQ chicken, Barbecue, Vegetarian Burgers, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Minute Steaks, Bratwurst, Mahi Mahi.

Assorted Fruits and Desserts: Potato Chips, Chocolate Brownies, Assorted Cookies, Fresh Fruits, Cool Drinks.

You can take away the food and enjoy them on a large open air dining pavilion in an open beach if you wish to. You will never be short of desired foods in Bahamas trips for sure.