The Half Moon Cay is not the best place for shopping unfortunately. Whenever you are visiting a long distance from home, you wish to bring something for family, colleagues and friends back home and there is no difference to travel to Bahamas. Although this is disappointing that the island does not offer a lot for shoppers, but it has a gift shop and few local straw markets along with a few bars, restaurant and ice cream parlor. If you are looking for the food shop, then we have already an article featuring half moon cay food. In this post, you will find more information about shops from where you can buy some gifts or souvenirs.

At welcome center, which locates at the middle of the beach, there is only one gift shop. This shop offers wide ranges of products for the tourists to buy them as souvenirs. The local Bahamian products, straw goods, items with the Holland America logo attached are some of the products you can choose to buy. You can also find T-shirts, hats, sun blocks, sunglasses, sandals etc.

The surprising factor is, there is a post office on this island. The post office is at Fort San Salvador Welcome Center which itself situate in Bahamian village. You can buy stamps from there which is definitely going to a rare collection if you are a stamp collector. The stamps come with different dimensions and colors. Don’t forget to buy a few of them for your friends back at home. You need cash to buy stamps from this post office. Most of the tourists become amazed to see a post office in an island but this allows tourists to buy something at least.

There is one more option of shopping at Half Moon Cay. You can visit some straw markets and they run by Bahamian women. They live in nearby island and ferry to the island every day to sell local goods to tourists. They accept both Bahamian and US dollar but in cash. The jewelry stores have a unique collection of oysters, rings and pearl. Ask them for making a ring with pearl and they will do it for you in exchange with more cost. They might look a bit expensive for you, but worth to buy. They are different, unique and aesthetic to look at. Most importantly, this is a great way to make relatives happy.