The Half Moon Cay weather is truly friendly and vibrant. Before visiting an unknown place, this is always a concern for tourists about the weather. We don’t have control over it and thus need to know about the weather forecast. The weather changes over time, season to season. The most common seasons such as summer, winter and spring do come different times in a different place. So you need to make sure the weather is not going to interrupt your journey. The combination of blue sky, clear weather, cool breeze and blue sea water are very charming and appealing of this island. The climate is extremely enjoyable for a tourist. A travel to Bahamas is significantly dependent on how the weather will act as the activities and your pleasant stay all depends on it.

In summer:

The temperature remains in the range of 75-80°F (24-26 °c) during summer, which dips down due to occasional cold during the winter. In a year, at an average around 11 months remain tourist friendly with sunshine. This is the perfect condition that every tourists desire. But the temperature is not skin burning and strong cool easterly air flows continuously to make the surroundings balanced. It might feel a bit warm for the tourist visiting from cold countries like USA or Canada, but there is always an option to dive into the sea and make yourself feel comfortable. The summer in Half Moon Cay usually starts from January and ends within May. In that time, the sky remains shiny and cloud free.

In Winter:

In winter, the temperature varies between 58-60°F (14-16°c). There are possibilities of winter storms during the month of October to February. The heavy rainfall and strong winds make the sea rough and destructive. The highest temperature forms in the month of August when it is more than 30°c, which might be unbearable for people who are not adopted with it.

The best way to keep updated with weather forecast is by contacting the travel agent or searching over the internet about latest weather news. Take note of the preceding and following day’s weather, which should give some idea. Summer is the best time to travel to Bahamas. The weather is at its best during this time. It remains calm, warm (good for Americans) and enjoyable. The cruise ship usually offer the best price as most people wish to visit this tropical island during this time of the year.