The shore excursion is an added feature which includes a lot of activities on a cruise. Usually the cruise company offers it to make some money except the cruise package. But from a cruiser’s point of view this opens up a new opportunity to know more about the island. In the Half Moon Cay Bahamas, there are numerous shore excursions packages and you definitely should purchase a couple of them or at least one to enjoy the  complete adventure. Note that, this is an additional package which is not included in the cruise package. The package will cover any additional cost (such as entrance fees) during the excursions.

Depending on your choice you can buy it or not and there is no obligation at it. If you plan to have a beach day, walk on soft sands, sunning and spending some lazy time out there, then this is not important at all which costs nothing extra. But the matter is, you are not visiting half moon cay every day and thus to enjoy the most of it and make the tour adventuring this is recommended to buy the ticket of excursion if there is no financial problem. You will have to buy the ticket of excursions separately from online or you can get the ticket while in the onboard. Then on the day of embarkation they will send you the ticket right at your stateroom. The suggestion is to buy it at the time you purchase the cruise ticket as the tickets of excursions might sold out when you are onboard.

What can you get from shore excursions?

eco lagoon tour shore excursion in Half Moon CayThere are quite a few excursions available for adults and child in half moon cay. All of them are not suitable for the children and thus you must know whether it is posing any risks for them. The ticket could differently priced for adult and child. There are both combined tours and single activity. A particular activity will exist for a certain period of time. Few of them need you to be experienced on that. There could be age restrictions on some of the activities and you must abide the law. Don’t fall on accidents by casualty. You also should wear the necessary shoes, dresses and other things in prior of attending a particular activity. The shore excursions offered by Carnival Cruise Line are:

  • Beach Villa
  • Glass Bottom Boat
  • Half Moon Cay Snorkel by Boat
  • Horseback Riding by Land & Sea
  • Stingray Adventure
  • Cabana Rental
  • Combo, Eco Bike & Hike Tour
  • Eco Lagoon Tour
  • Historic Nature Walk
  • Island Bike Tour
  • Private Oasis
  • Tropical Kayak Adventure

Description and Price Details:

The beach villa is something where maximum 8 guests can stay in a two storey building with air conditions, hot tub, fan, refrigerator, dining table and so on. You can take more persons by paying a surcharge of $50 for per person. You can hire it for the day long for $500.

The horseback riding is definitely going to be a lifetime experience. This is a unique one and should not be missed out by tourists. You will ride on the back of horses and it will take you to the bank of the ocean and swim. To enjoy this you have to cost $100 per person. The duration is about one and half hours.

If you want adventure, then go for snorkeling by boat. The water in half moon cay is clean and you can see what’s happening inside the sea. The colored fish, coral and anemones in the deep sea will make your journey memorable. Beside this if lucky, you might encounter with a stingray. The two hour tour will cost you around $65.

If you are not interested about beach villa, then the small thatched cabana could be an alternative for you which costs around $230 for every 4 person. It consists the same facilities as beach villa and you will be welcomed with snacks and soft drinks. The number of cabanas is limited and if you want it in a suitable location then reserve it first.

The stingray adventure could be a learning curve for your children and it does not cost you a lot. You will be taken to the stingray cove and there you can observe everything about this such as their feeding, breeding, habitat and so on. It will cost you $30 per person.

The other excursions are also worth to try or rent as well. You should get the full details about them through the cruise company you bought the package from. The shore excursions in half moon cay offers a lot and if you can afford then go for it.