Half Moon Cay is the paradise of the world according to travelers who have visited it. It is just a 50 acres (total 2400 acres) entertaining island, but you can do hundred of different activities. There is hardly any place in the world where one can enjoy so many activities like here. Those who love cruise and island, should not miss an opportunity to go for Bahamas trips and also this amazing island. The fresh air of this tropical island will offer cool breathing. A journey by ship is always adventuring. If a traveler wants to enjoy all the activities in Half Moon Cay including shore excursions, rides, swimming, viewing all natural beauties, then a decent budget is necessary. The ship stays around 8-9 hours in the island. As there is no hotels or Bahamas resort in the island to spend a night, thus you have to join the ship when it is about to depart. The time is inadequate, so a quick schedule needs to maintain. Make sure you have finalized the list of activities that you always wanted to do in Half Moon Cay and this article should help you in this regard.

List of Activities to do in Half Moon Cay:

Swimming – This is what tourists must not miss in an island. The tide and wave of the ocean keep coming towards the bank and this is extremely hard to resist from diving in the sea.

Scuba – If tourists ever want to see what’s going on inside deep water, then they must do scuba in Half Moon Cay. You are absolutely ready for scuba when you have got your own mask and gear bag.

Jet Skiing – It is always fun to play with or against the waves. You can experience it with Jet skiing. There are few jet skis and the life jacket that you can hire from the beach. Always wear a life jacket and follow instructions for security purpose.

Cycling – It is not possible to do cycling on the sandy beach. Thus, there are roads just a few yards away from the beach where one can enjoy biking or cycling tour.

Snorkeling – While snorkeling you can meet with stingrays. They are gentle-looking fishes relative of shark species. Even Holland America has arranged some water park where you can see stingrays and touch them with hands. You will see stingrays are following you when you allure them with some squids.

Sunning – On the shore of the ocean you will see a lot of slanting chairs where you can recline and receive the rays of sunlight right in the body. Remember that, sunlight includes vitamin D, which is extremely useful for the skin. So don’t miss it. You can hire chairs on an hourly basis.

Kayaks – You would love to hire kayaks and sail over the sea for more adventure. In additions, you can also hire aqua cycle or floating foam mats and make fun.

Windsurfing Sailboats – This is a common activity in the island. But if you don’t have any experience, it is better to avoid for the time being.

Horseback riding – This is the most amazing feature in Half Moon Cay. While riding on back of horse, they will be swimming. They can take you to the beach and on the water too. Recently, Holland America Line has employed more horses so that more people can enjoy this at a time. Don’t miss this activity at any cost.

Watercraft – You can try Aquatrax watercraft adventure personally. For security purpose, it will be performed in a secluded shore.

Lagoon tour: There is Lagoon named ‘Bonefish’ at the opposite of beach area where you can make the Eco Lagoon tour. Those water parks are dedicated for kids.

Cabanas: For relaxation you can hire cabanas. They are small hut on a tropical island with thatched roof. You can do showers, sun decks, body massage in this area. The private oasis cabanas can host 25 guests. There are about 15 more air-conditioned cabanas where 4 to 5 people can take rest at a time.

Boat ride – This is always on the cart in an island. You can have slow & steady fun through this activity.

Walking – The crescent-shaped beach is long enough for walking. It is better to take a partner with or combine a group while walking on an unknown island.

Court: The owner Holland America has created some courts to play basketball and volleyball for both kids and adults.

There are countless activities in this island and all of them offer the best adventure. If you haven’t book your cruise ticket, then we recommend to read our article on how to purchase the best deal.