This is always a concern for the tourists who are about to leave home for a few days. You probably start taking note of the things that you need to carry to the place at minimum. If you forget an essential product to take and it is unavailable to purchase in your way, then you might need to repent for this. In this article we will cover all the thighs that you need to carry for Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. It includes clothing to accessories and useful documents. Please note that, in your journey you will visit Grand Turk Island, Nassau (Bahamas) too. So, the article is useful for all the cruisers who want to travel to Bahamas. Just try to discover yourself differently with different appearance.

Pack for Women:

The women are always fussy and picky about choosing the right kind of clothes or accessories that they need to carry. Usually their luggage are thicker than other members of the family.

Clothes and Footwear:

You should always pick the best clothes while going for a vacation in half moon cay Bahamas. Inside the cruise or in the beach, you will need complete different types of clothes. Here you can find more information about cruise dress code. While being on the ship, you will join ball event, cocktail party and formal nights, where the formal dresses are mandatory to wear. But in the beach, you are free to wear short clothes and swimsuits. Always try to take two three versions of similar clothes for a vibrant and versatile look. The cocktail party usually happens more than once in a cruise and thus pick at least two cocktail dresses which makes you look gorgeous and elegant. Beside this, the footwear and shoes are equally important for the same purpose. You may try some matching color which offers a complete aesthetic look. You definitely should have the following clothing in collection for the best preparation:


1. Swim Suit – Minimum One Piece

2. Party Dress – Minimum Two Pieces

3. Sandal for Beach Walk – One Pair Minimum

4. Pump Shoes for Party Night – Two Pair Minimum